Veterans Talk to Teens Who Defaced Flag as Part of a Senior Prank

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A group of veterans came in to talk with high school students after images of a senior prank involving the defacing of American flag came to light. The flag was spray painted with “Seniors 2K18!” and displayed at the school. Brent Tisdale, the school’s principal, said the prank went too far but decided to turn it into a “teachable moment.”

The prank occurred at Heard County High School in Georgia. An image of the defaced American flag was provided to a news organization, with “Seniors 2K18!” clearly visible on the flag.

Tisdale responded to the prank in a Facebook post, saying that it “clearly crossed a line.”

“I don’t believe their intention was to disrespect or insult the flag or country but that’s what happened,” he continued.

Tisdale went on to say that the students, five boys, were identified and “assigned consequences.”

“More importantly,” he added, “we had a few of our local veterans come and speak to the kids about what the flag truly represents because, despite my initial anger and outrage, we want to use this as a teachable moment.”

Nikki Culpepper, one of the veterans who spoke with the students, said, according to a report by Fox News, “We talked about how we chose to voluntarily defend the flag and their right to do what they did to it, as well as family and friends and loved ones who come home underneath that flag.”

Culpepper also showed the students a picture of Arlington Cemetery

“Two of the young people had tears in their eyes, shook our hands and apologized,” she added, indicating that the students were “very remorseful.”

Tisdale also asserted that the students, who said they found the flag in the woods, understood what they did wrong and that they have learned a valuable lesson.