He’s a War Hero, But Veterans Affairs Won’t Treat Him. Here’s Why.

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He was awarded two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart, but Department of Veterans Affairs says they need proof that he was in the military.

Emil Limpirt was wounded in a foxhole in the Philippines in 1944 along with fellow soldiers.

“There were four guys in there, and two guys got killed,” he told Fox 2. “And then the other guy, he got his leg… Oh, hell. I guess he lost his leg. It was slit in four places where a grenade hit between us and I got one in my leg.”

Limpirt finally reached out to the VA for help because he’s depleted all of his savings – including selling his home, his car, and his stocks, but the VA has been about as useful as it always is.

“I get this letter that says we can’t accept it because we’ve got no record of you being in the service,” he told the station. “I guess I’m the unknown soldier.”

The letter asks Limpirt to submit affidavits from fellow service members, almost all of whom are dead, or the location of the hospital where he was originally treated.

“There ain’t no hospital,” he said. “We were in the jungles.”

It is likely that Limpirt’s military records were destroyed in the massive 1973 Overland, Kansas fire that destroyed millions of American military records.