Vet Mistakenly Euthanized Family Dog After Wrong Dog Owner was Called

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A family is reeling after their dog was mistakenly put down by a veterinarian. The owner explained in a Facebook post that their family dog had been suffering from breathing problems. Just to be safe, the owner took the dog to a local veterinarian office where they were informed that he would need surgery.

The family dog, named “Ziggy,” was having trouble keeping food down and breathing on his own. After the veterinarian examined him, he informed Andrea Martinez that they would need to conduct surgery, and if there were any additional issues they would call her to get her approval before moving ahead.

Hours passed and Martinez still had not received a call on the status of her dog’s surgery. Bewildered, she called the vet’s office to check on Ziggy. When an employee answered, it quickly became clear that someone had messed up — big time.

The employee regrettably informed Martinez that her family dog had been put down. Shocked, Martinez asked what happened? The vet who conducted the surgery then got on the phone to explain that he may have accidentally called the wrong Ziggy owner.

She added: “He kept beating around the bush about it, but he was saying it like I should’ve known,” she said. “Then he got back on there and he apologized and said, ‘I’m so sorry that this happened, we got confused and ended up calling another dog’s mom.’”

Ironically, there were two dogs named Ziggy in their office at the time. The person they called also had a dog named Ziggy who was already rather old. When the vet mistakenly called the wrong owner to discuss the additional expenses that would be needed for Martinez’s dog, that owner told the vet to go ahead and euthanize the dog, Fox 59 reported.

“I just wish we would’ve had the say, I wish we would’ve been able to say we tried everything that we could have,” Martinez said.

The family was hurt, shocked and angered that a simple call to the wrong number resulted in their beloved dog’s death. To try and make things right, as if that was possible, the vet’s office waived any and all fees associated with the surgery.

In addition, Ziggy’s remains were placed in an urn free of charge. To always remember their family dog, the vet created an ornament that has the dog’s paw print on it.

But to Martinez, none of that can change the fact that they lost their dog. “He was our baby, it was my daughter’s best friend, my dog’s best friend, it was ours.”