Venezuelan Army Releases Video of ‘Intense Training’ to ‘Scare Off’ U.S. Military Forces. It Fails. [VIDEO]

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A video made its way to Facebook on Monday, showing clips of Venezuelan military forces taking part in “intense training” activities. The caption on the Facebook post asserts that the clip is not a “humorous television program” and that it was released by “the Venezuelan government to scare the US Marines.”

[Scroll down for video]

Since making its way onto Facebook, the video has been viewed over 387,000 times. The caption, according to Google Translate, reads: “ATTENTION: It is not a video of a humorous television program, it is a video of the Venezuelan government to scare the US Marines.”

While the video may have been meant to be intimidating, it is anything but. The soldiers that are featured often come off as slow, clumsy, and poorly coordinated.

They also perform a battle cry throughout the vast majority of the video, sustaining so long that it had to be uncomfortable for the soldiers.

Only three soldiers take part in the activities, but they rarely seem to be following the same rhythm.

When striking practice dummies with their bayonets, the moves are anything but threatening.

To put it lightly, social media users were not impressed or intimidated by what they saw in the video.