Vegans Outraged After Hyundai’s Super Bowl Ad Mocks Vegan Dinner Parties

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Humor is a common aspect of Super Bowl ads, but many vegans feel Hyundai’s latest commercial missed the mark. The ad features Jason Bateman as an elevator operator who guides passengers “down, way down,” stopping at floors dedicated to what many would describe as hellish experiences and ushering them off.

The ad, according to a report by the Daily Mail, included passengers that were destined for a range of uncomfortable experiences. A teenage boy’s stop required him to get “the talk” from his father. One passenger had to head off to jury duty while another was sent to a colonoscopy appointment.

However, the only stop that seemed to draw any ire for the masses was as a “vegan dinner party.” Jason Bateman’s character questions, “Is that even a thing?” while a couple is met with an enthusiastic hostess brandishing a “beet loaf.”

“We’re having beet loaf, Sergio’s specialty,” says the hostess while holding the plate aloft.

The woman exiting the elevator replies with a disingenuous “yay,” while her male companion seems to gag a bit and covers his mouth.

While many people thought the ad was “funny and likable,” vegans did not take too kindly to being “mocked.”

The folks at Hyundai ended up in full damage control mode, tweeting replies that assert they “actually love vegan food and are glad it’s going more mainstream.”

Hyundai even posted a beet loaf recipe.