Vans Store Employee Cussed at Kid Wearing MAGA Hat – His Employer Just Told Him His Fate [VIDEO]

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Teenagers wearing Make American Great Again hats have made the news several times over the past couple of years. Most recently a group of teen protesters in the hats were the subject of intense media scrutiny and backlash after a one sided video was initially released. Prior to that, in 2017, a MAGA hat wearing teen was assaulted in a fast food restaurant.

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Now, we have a fourteen year old who was wearing the now infamous hat in a Vans store in the mall. According to media reports, one of the employees of the store told him to remove the hat and then became angry when he wouldn’t. That’s when the boys mother got involved, cameras started to roll, a manager was called, and corporate had to get involved.

In a video posted to social media the boy’s mother is heard arguing with the store employee.

“He did nothing to you. And what did you say to my son, to my 14-year-old son?’ she asks the man.

“I’m sure he’s heard it before,” the employee responded.

“What did you say again?’ the mother asks. The employee admits to saying ‘f**k you’ to the teen.

“Let’s go. Let’s find your manager now.” Then everyone in the video can be seen making their way towards the checkout counter of the store, where the store manager is apparently working.

To the manager she says, “My son walked into the store. That gentleman first told him, ‘Take off your hat.’ He said nothing to him, a fourteen-year-old child Then he said, ‘F you’ to my son. My son said nothing to him. Did nothing. That is a disrespectful punk right there. He did nothing.”

The Daily Caller and Mediaite confirmed, through a Vans spokesperson, that the employee in question was fired over the incident:

A spokeswoman for Vans stated to The Daily Caller, “Our focus is to provide the best customer service experience. We did let this employee go. He is no longer with our company. The actions and comments from this employee at the Oak Park location is in contrast with our values and beliefs.”

“We have taken care of the situation,” she added, describing the employee’s actions as having “harassed a young male with a Trump hat.”

Here is the video recording of the incident, which begins after the initial confrontation between the employee and the teen: