Van Rams into Crowd on Busy Toronto Street Killing 9. Driver in Custody After Standoff

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On Monday afternoon, a van plowed into a group of pedestrians along a crowded city street. Reports state that several have been injured, though images from the scene also appear to show bodies covered in sheets, and fatalities were later confirmed. The driver of the van was quickly apprehended by local authorities after a brief standoff.

Local law enforcement, according to a report by Fox News, initially stated that eight to 10 pedestrians were injured in the incident, though later said it was too soon to confirm the total number of wounded.

During a press conference, it was confirmed that nine people were killed and an additional 16 injured.

A local hospital wrote in a tweet that they received seven patients from the scene.

After plowing through the pedestrians, the white Ryder van fled the scene. A witness claimed that the driver of the vehicle “was definitely in control of what he was doing… he knew what he was doing.”

Alex Shaker, a second witness, said the van was speeding as it went down the street before it hopped a curb and began striking people.

“He started going down on the sidewalk and crumbling down people one by one,” said Shaker. “He just destroyed so many people’s lives. Every single thing that got in his way.”

Jeremy Cohn, a journalist with Global News, stated that there were “bodies all over” the roadway and that some had been pronounced dead.

“I’ve now walked up Yonge St from north of Sheppard to Finch,” Cohn said in a tweet. “I have passed multiple dead bodies covered up, shoes and debris in the road. Witnesses tell me the white van appeared completely out of control.”

The suspect was apprehended by local law enforcement. A video appears to show an individual in a standoff with police near the tragic scene.

The suspect eventually surrendered his weapon and was taken into custody.