Van Barrels Straight Through Roundabout and Catches Serious Air [VIDEO]

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The video below looks like something from the opening sequence of a 1979 episode of “The Dukes of Hazzard.” It isn’t hard to image the voice-over narration of The Balladeer setting up a bit of dramatic tension just before the van hits the roundabout and launches like The General Lee. Only there isn’t a freeze-frame, and Waylon Jennings isn’t telling anyone to stick around.

The driver of the van may well have wanted a freeze-frame. Instead he got a wild ride. The sliver Citroen launches impressively.

This seems to have been an accident that defies explanation. The driver may not have been familiar with his surroundings on the A11 at Attleborough, Norfolk. He chose to pass a car on the right, and sped up just as everyone else yielded for the obstacle.

The driver of the Citroen, though, doesn’t yield–not even briefly.

The footage was captured by Andy Daynes, 35, a motorcyclist who was conveniently behind the van and his helmet camera recorded the launch. The footage even has a dried out sepia-tone look like the old Dukes car chases, most of which were filmed in the dusty Hollywood Hills.

Many are asking how the driver could have missed all of the approaching warning signs. That is still a mystery.

“I was actually on my motorbike behind him so I saw it all,” Daynes told reporters. “I pulled over along with some other drivers to see if he was OK.”

“He had to be cut out of the van – but he seemed to be alright, he wasn’t badly injured. It is quite a bad roundabout, he just didn’t see what was coming because he was going so fast.”

“He was on his own, he had a few cuts and bruises but the ambulance came straight away and took him to hospital.”

The Daily Mail notes that many were incredulous when the video first appeared, though police have now confirmed the video is genuine, and other witnesses have come forward to describe the incident.

“Didn’t see the accident,” one wrote, “but when I got to the roundabout about 40 seconds later, the car was on its roof and smoke coming out. There was probably 4-5 people standing on the roundabout.”