VA Employees In Florida Took Down Donald Trump’s Presidential Portrait Citing ‘Not My President’ [VIDEO]

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Every government facility is required to have a picture of the Commander in Chief hanging in the building. As of Jan 20, Donald Trump’s photo replaced Obama’s picture in most government buildings with the exception of one Veteran Affairs hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida.


The issue arose when veterans complained that the West Palm’s VA had not yet changed the presidential picture. Vietnam vet, Walter Korabiak, asked an employee why it wasn’t hung and was told that they just hadn’t had time.

“It should be there. Every other president was there, wasn’t it? Something’s wrong,” he explained to CBS 12. That didn’t sit well for Korabiak, so he decided to get first-term Republican Congressman Brian Mast to help him make this wrong right.


Mast, who lost both of his legs to an IED in Afghanistan, agreed with his fellow veterans and issued a formal complaint to an unnamed federal employee that told him “he isn’t my president,” according to Fox News.


The Republican Congressman didn’t take the comment lightly and took it upon himself to make sure the picture was hung as it should have been months ago.


On Tuesday, Mast had the maintenance staff help him put portraits of Trump and Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs David Schulkin. Shortly after he left, he was informed that his portraits he brought were taken down.

Mast took to his Facebook account to express his frustration in the West Palm’s VA and their responses towards the picture being hung.

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Officials at the West Palm VA claimed that the portraits weren’t taken down out of spite but because standard policies weren’t followed. They stated that they must get approval from their central office to authenticate a picture before it can be hung.


There is currently no further plan to have the pictures rehung, but given the publicity and outrage over this slight to the president, you could bet somebody better get the job done sooner rather than later.