US Special Forces Soldier Denounces Trump’s Decision to Withdraw Troops From Syria: ‘I am ashamed for the first time in my career’

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President Trump faced ridicule from both sides of the aisle when he announced he was withdrawing troops from northeastern Syria on Sunday evening. This move has left the U.S.-backed Kurds at a severe disadvantage, and all U.S. soldiers in the area can do is watch. One U.S. Special Forces soldier voiced his displeasure with the decision.

Fox News national security reporter Jennifer Griffin took to Twitter Wednesday to detail a conversation she had with a Special Forces soldier who is on the ground watching as the Turks have been attacking the Kurds.

“I am ashamed for the first time in my career,” the unnamed soldier told Griffin. “Turkey is not doing what it agreed to. It’s horrible. We met every single security agreement. The Kurds met every single agreement [with the Turks]. There was no threat to the Turks — none — from this side of the border.”


After Trump announced the U.S. troop withdraw, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said he was going to “neutralize terror threats” and establish a “safe zone.” This attack has left seven civilians dead, with more expected in the coming days, Fox News reported.

The Kurds have been guarding over a thousand ISIS prisoners but are now severely undermanned. In fact, the Special Forces soldier claimed there was an attempted prison break the night before which was stopped by the Kurds.

The Special Forces soldier thinks these ISIS fighters will break out sooner or later and go back to attacking the area. Essentially, all the work done in the area will be undone.

“[Trump] doesn’t understand the problem. He doesn’t understand the repercussions of this. Erdogan is an Islamist, not a level headed actor,” the soldier said. “The Kurds are as close to Western thinking in the Middle East as anyone … This is not helping the ISIS fight.”

The Special Forces soldier has applauded the Kurd’s attempts to hold back the Turks while keeping the ISIS prisoners in check. “The Kurds are sticking by us. No other partner I have ever dealt with would stand by us,” he said.

“This is insanity,” the U.S. service member concluded. “I don’t know what they call atrocities, but they are happening.”