US Officials Just Released Theory For What Took Down Egyptian Air Flight. It’s What Many Feared

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As you’re probably aware, EgyptAir Flight MS804 is missing in the Mediterranean Sea after suddenly plunging from 37,000 feet just after entering Cairo airspace.

According to most aviation experts, there is almost nothing that could bring a plane flying at cruise altitude and speeds that quickly except for a large explosion, such as that caused by a bomb on board the plane. Even during catastrophic failures, most modern planes can safely glide for around 100 miles.

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“Planes today just don’t fall out of the sky,” CNN aviation analyst Miles O’Brien said.

Well, it looks like the US government is ready to start working with the theory that the plane was taken down by terrorism as its primary theory.

According to a CNN report:

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U.S. government officials are operating on an initial theory that EgyptAir Flight 804 was taken down by a bomb, two U.S. officials told CNN on Thursday. Officials said the theory could change, with one senior administration official cautioning it is not yet supported by a “smoking gun.”

Egyptian officials have not ruled out a mechanical failure, but they do acknowledge that due to the nature of the crash that terrorism is the more likely culprit.

If this ends up being an act of terror, it would be the second time a suspected bomb took down an airliner in the last year. Russia’s Metrojet Flight 9268 was suspected to have been taken down by an onboard explosive device, also over Egypt, killing all 224 people on board.