Watch US Marines Absolutely Dominate School Children in Nerf Battle [VIDEO]

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United States Marines proved they were more than willing to put on their war face and take the battle to the enemy. Even if the enemy is 8 years old and armed with a Nerf gun. [Scroll down for video]

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Fully kitted for battle – body armor, helmets, face paint, and even riot shields – the Marines took to the battle with every advantage imaginable. The kids, well they had some t-shirts and minimal training.

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Using their superior training and conditioning, the Marines took the battle to the kids of Fleet Activities Yokosuka. The results were about what you would expect.

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Marine Private First Class Erik Schwab told the cameras: “We’ve got to beat the kids of course. Well you know, you can’t show the enemy weakness. Marines never lose.”

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One of the students said, “Those Marines were really tough out there.” Indeed they were son.

The NERF guns used varied greatly from small handheld low capacity models to larger “rifles” with detachable magazines.

Paintball barriers meant that cover could be effectively used (which was obviously a benefit to the well trained Marines).

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No word on whether a rematch has been scheduled using the ballistically superior Nerf MEGA darts. All in all, everyone left with a smile on their face and revenge in their hearts… or so we’re told.

This video report was compiled by Petty Officer 2nd Class Shamira Purifoy.