US Consumer Product Safety Commission Uses Mannequins to Show Deadly Power of Fireworks [VIDEO]

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Across the country, people are preparing to enjoy some fireworks while celebrating the 4th of July. While fireworks can be beautiful, they are also incredibly dangerous – and potentially deadly – if not handled properly. In order to highlight the risks, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission filmed what fireworks can do, using mannequins to stand in for people.

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On average, according to a report by 13 News Now, 180 people end up in the emergency room for fireworks-related injuries each day in the month surrounding Independence Day.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission took to Twitter and released a series of videos that showcase just how dangerous fireworks can be and the kinds of injuries they can cause.

Mannequins are used as stand-ins for real people, allowing viewers to get an idea of the consequences of using fireworks irresponsibly.

On video shows what could happen if a person decided to launch a bottle rocket off of the top of their head.

Another video demonstrates what could happen if a firework was launched at another person.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission even highlighted what could happen if a person doesn’t manage to move away from a firework they lit fast enough.

One of the other clips shows what can happen if you try to make your own fireworks.

To help keep people safe, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission released a long list of safety tips, including to not allow young children to ignite or play with fireworks and to watch them if they are handling sparklers, which can reach temperatures of 2000 degrees F.

Additionally, they warn to avoid buying or using fireworks that are packaged in brown paper, not to point fireworks at people, not to place your body over a firework when lighting the fuse,  to make sure that you have water nearby, and to never ignite illegal fireworks.