United Airlines PR Blunders Continue After Humiliated Doctor’s Luggage Sent To The Wrong State

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United Airlines is fighting a losing battle despite all their efforts to “fix” their publicity nightmare after they had a passenger forcefully removed from his seat because they overbooked the flight. You would think it couldn’t get any worse, but you would be wrong.


When Dr. David Dao was dragged off the United airplane Sunday, the airline’s employees never got his luggage off the flight.

The pilot and employees on the plane were so quick to take off and put the horrendous situation behind them that they never took the time to make sure the man they had just kicked off the plane got his luggage.


The airline couldn’t even bring it to the hospital he was brought to for tests, according to Dao’s attorney, Thomas Demetrio.

‘Instead, the airline flew their luggage to Louisville, Kentucky. And instead of delivering it to their home, they sent it to their medical practice office,’ he told the Chicago Sun Times.


It’s undisclosed where Dao and his wife currently reside but how hard can it be to deliver luggage to the correct address?


Dao is undergoing rehab at his home, according to his wife Teresa. The 69-year-old says he doesn’t remember getting back on the plane after he was dragged off.  It has been reported that the doctor sustained a concussion from the incident.


Demetrio said the mistake with the luggage is just another example of the airline’s disregard for Dr. Dao.

In addition to a severe concussion, Dao reportedly has lacerations on his lip and is now missing two front teeth due to his removal by security. “This was assault and battery, taking rudeness to the extreme for a paying passenger,” Demetrio said in a statement shortly after speaking to his client.


It should be no surprise that Dao plans to take legal action against the airline, and he will more than likely win – or settle out of court for lots of money.