You Can Gunfight Your Friends (or Enemies) At This “UFC For Shooters”. [VIDEO]

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Las Vegas, Nevada is the home of one of the most diverse and thrilling new sports in the world. It’s called Gun Fights, a sport that uses real guns, but non-lethal training ammunition. And when you’re out of ammo, there is always hand to hand combat.


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The traditional red vs. blue team gets a new twist. Everything operates as a real firearm would but is modified for safety. The guns are made in a way that even if you were to put an actual bullet in them, they wouldn’t fire it.

The only difference in the bullets they use is the red and blue tip on the bullet, almost like paintball, but it hurts a hell of a lot more. It can leave behind large red marks every time you are hit.


The men and woman who participate in the semi-realistic battle are protected by combat gear throughout their body.

The best part of the whole experience is simply put “if you run out of ammo, that is not an excuse.” Once combatants run out of ammo, they can rush another player and fight like they’re in the octagon.

The unique sport is just as thrilling to watch as it is to participate in. Spectators can watch the mayhem ensue safely protected behind a plexiglass window.


The great thing about the sport is that it’s versatile. If you have inept shooting skills, but are an excellent fighter, you can go with your strong suit. The cover is scarce with only hollowed out black oil drums as your protection, so don’t rely on it.

Some people use the cover to hid from their opponents, while others use it to bull rush them. The sport is surprisingly versatile and complex to master it. The match is quick but exhilarating.

The sport attracts people from all over the United States, especially combat veterans. In the video, one combat veteran who served in the Army for 20 years found it just as exhilarating as his days back in Afghanistan.


One patron of the establishment said it best, “It’s very realistic, obviously it’s not live rounds.” This is as close that you can get to fighting and shooting someone without facing jail time. It’s about time to visit the strip and have some medieval fun.