UK Authorities Stop Sharing Information on Manchester Bombing With Trump Admin Following Leaks [VIDEO]

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Britain officials are outraged after Americans allegedly leaked information on the attacker from the Manchester bombing that killed 22 people Monday night. It has been reported by Reuters that British police have stopped sharing information on the suicide bombing with the U.S. The breach could begin to undermine two nations who have long been allies and have always shared intelligence.

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The leaks included forensic photographs such as shrapnel from the scene as well as the media releasing the name of the suspect. The leak had many British officials “infuriated,” claiming the pictures “risked hindering their investigation.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May plans to “confront” President Trump on the leaks at the NATO summit in Brussels today. Reports indicate that May wants to “make clear” that “intelligence that is shared between our law enforcement agencies must remain secure.”

Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins was thinking of the families when the leaks happened. “It is absolutely understandable the distress and upset that this caused to these families that are already suffering,” he told reporters.

Trump declined twice to speak on the matter of the leaks in Brussels on Thursday. However shortly after, Trump did tell reporters that he is open to an investigation into the leaks, which he said were “deeply troubling.”

One British official, who spoke under anonymity, told BBC News, “Greater Manchester Police hopes to resume normal intelligence relationships — a two-way flow of information — soon but is currently furious.”

Trump is doing everything in his power to get the relationship with our closest ally back to where it was prior to the leaks. He told reporters there was “no relationship we cherish more than the Special Relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom.”

It is now believed that the Manchester bomber, 22-year-old Salman Abedi, is believed to have worked within a “network” of terrorist organizations. ISIS has since claimed responsibility for the attack.