Tattoo Parlor Offers Free Cover-Up of Hateful Tattoos

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We all know someone that has a questionable tattoo. Perhaps it was a drunken night in Las Vegas or a mistake made by their younger selves. Or it could be you. It is inevitable that you might feel some form of regret for something so permanent on your body.


A tattoo parlor in Baltimore, Southside Tattoo, is giving people the chance to coverup hateful or regretful tattoos. The parlor has been opening up there doors once a week and offering the service free of charge because they realize the spontaneous nature of humans. People change and Southside Tattoo is allowing people to let others know that they have moved on as well. It’s a beautiful thing.


As many of us know, the cost of a tattoo removal is extremely expensive and many cannot afford this procedure. The owners of Southside Tattoo came up with this idea after they were approached by a man at their parlor about the hateful ink he currently had.  He was an electrician and married and the gang tattoos on his face made it hard to establish trust and a connection with his customers.


It was at this point that Southside Tattoo realized that were many other people out there that had tattoos that were violent, racist, or poorly chosen that could be assisted. Since then, they’ve been helping people every week and reaching out to those on Facebook to spread the word.


Not only is Southside Tattoo reaching out to those in her local area, but also across the nation. Currently, all their time slots are booked but they are actively working with programs throughout the US to see if they can benefit people in other areas of the country.


In an interview with Upworthy, Southside Tattoo (Dave and Beth Cutlip) said this, “The beautiful thing is I know I did something good for somebody and they’re going to leave here and they’re going to do something nice for somebody else.”


It’s natural to change and sometimes the only way to move on with your life is to start again. That is the amazing thing about Southside Tattoo because they’re able to give these people the life they deserve.

h/t A Plus