Uber Driver Learns Her Boyfriend is Cheating – By Driving His Other Girlfriend to His Apartment

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An Uber driver, known on Twitter as Msixelaa, had the unfortunate experience of finding out her boyfriend was cheating when she drove the other woman to his apartment.  It wasn’t obvious from the beginning, as the GPS for the rider’s destination didn’t contain the apartment number for the destination, just the address.

The situation gained viral attention when she began live-tweeting about the incident once she put the various pieces together including the tale her boyfriend told her about his intended whereabouts and how things were that morning:

She even related to the woman a bit:

She even goes out of her way for the rider, including allowing her to have some water that was kept in the car while the woman shared her story, and:

Soon, it all starts to become clearer:

It didn’t take long for her to reach the following conclusion about the trip:

Once the destination was reached, things came to a head:

An incident ensued, thoroughly covered in the series of tweets, ultimately leading Msixelaa to leave the area with the woman’s luggage still in the trunk.

In the end, this appeared to be the last word about what happened that day: