TX Church Mass Shooter Identified as Dishonorably Discharged Air Force Airman. Here’s What We Know

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A mass shooting at a Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas has left as many as 26 dead according to some reports. Dozens of others may have been injured in the shooting that took place around 11:30AM central time.

We now have the identity of the suspected, now deceased, shooter. Sources have identified the shooter as a dishonorably discharged United States Air Force airman named Devin Patrick Kelley, aged 26.

According to a report from the Daily Mail:

Kelley, who was reportedly married, had recently posted a photo of an AR-15 style gun on his Facebook page with the caption: ‘She’s a bad b***h.’

A LinkedIn account which appears to be Kelley’s states that he joined the US Air Force after graduating New Braunfels High School in 2009. He worked in logistics and supply in the Air Force until he was dishonorably discharged in 2014 and was even court martialed in May 2014, CBS News reported.

He then volunteered as a teacher for Bible studies at Kingsville First Baptist Church.

Kelley recently posted the following image on his Facebook profile with the message, “She’s a bad b***h.”

According to reports, Kelly was a former Air Force Airman who received a dishonorable discharge following a court martial in 2014:

Police still have not released any information about a possible motive behind the shooting.

Prior Coverage:

During a Sunday morning church service, a gunman opened fire. Initial reports said 16 were shot. Now it appears as many as 27 may have been killed. “Multiple casualties and fatalities” have been confirmed by the local sheriff, Joe Tackitt. Witnesses state a man “in full gear” entered the church before 11:30am local time. According to local reports, at least 50 people were in attendance during the service.

As reported by The Daily Mail, the incident took place at First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs in Texas, just east of San Antonio.

While police have yet to confirm the total number of victims, witnesses attest that as many as 20 shots were fired by the gunman.

According to local authorities, the shooter, who has not been identified, reportedly fled the scene, leading to a high-speed chase.  He has been confirmed dead, though details about how he died have not been released. There is no longer an active shooter threat.

Neighbors of the church state the shooter may have reloaded multiple times. A witness also said that a two-year-old was shot during the attack, though the child’s condition is not known at this time.

At least six helicopters were spotted in the area transporting victims to area hospitals. An “ambu-bus,” an emergency vehicle capable of transporting multiple victims, also reported to the scene, according to local reporters.

The ATF is responding to the incident and reporting to the scene along and members of the FBI has also been reported.  Social media accounts show a substantial police response in the area.

Reports on social media suggest the suspect, alleged to be male, may have had an assault rifle, though this has not been confirmed by local authorities.

First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs is located in a small town that, according to Heavy, has recent population figures showing only 362 residents.

Social media reports also suggest that some nearby buildings may have been damaged, including one post that stated the suspect “started shooting in our town church and even shot my brothers house.”

Videos on social media show witness and family members of those in the church coming together to pray “for the safety of all of those involved.”