Two Thugs Attack McDonald’s Manager After Being Told to Leave & Nobody Tries to Help [VIDEO]

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The typical visit to a fast food restaurant doesn’t end with fistfight. McDonald’s, though, is having a rough summer. Numerous fights have landed the chain in the spotlight. Now one mother is apologizing for the behavior of her drunken sons after they were caught on video brawling with store’s manager.

It is unclear why, exactly, the fight broke out. Two teenagers were accused of shouting at staff in a McDonald’s in Boston, Lincolnshire. The manager of the store approached them after the boys locked one of his employees in a closet.

That’s when the fight broke out. Bystanders did little to come to the manager’s defense.

The mother of the boys, on seeing the video, offered her apologies.

The Daily Mail writes that the mother posted her apology on Facebook, and said she is “very sad and ashamed my boys would do this.” She also claims she will “deal with the situation.”

Jasmine Brudenall, 28, was in the store and filmed the fight.

What’s worse, though, is that the two boys were supposedly at the McDonald’s with their father. While no father-figure is seen fighting, there is no father-figure trying to break up the fight, either.

“The tall McDonald’s worker went up to them and nicely asked ‘I’m going to have to ask you to leave’,” Brudenall posted with the video.

“I sensed it was going to erupt. Sometimes you can tell when someone is so drunk that there is no chance of reasoning with them.”

“They were so intoxicated, There was no stopping this – they would have hit anyone who got in the way.”

“The other side of where people were eating were kids and old people. All the other guys were friends with them and carried on laughing.”

At this point, the father is reported to have left the store and gone outside to wait in a truck. After the first wave of the fight subsided, the boys were going to leave, too, but came back in.

“When outside at the front off the store they, used a metal bar they pulled off door and tried to hit him.”

“The McDonald’s staff member took a lot of punches. After they’d gone, [he] went into the back.”