Two Texas Boys Save Four-Year-Old Autistic Girl From Drowning In a Creek [VIDEO]

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Two young Texas boys are being deemed heroes today after they saved a young autistic girl from drowning in a nearby creek by her house late Thursday evening. One of the boys is the son of a Houston police officer, so apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to helping people in need.


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The four-year-old autistic child, whose name is Melodi, was cooped up inside her home because of the winter weather. She was dying to be able to go outside and play. “She’s just been asking for days to go outside and I guess she just slipped outside without saying anything after I left for work,” her mother, Melissa Maddox said.


Unsupervised and playing with her pet pig she recently got for her birthday, Melodi wandered off to swings located by a creek close to her backyard. It was there when the two 12-year-old boys noticed a girl had fallen in the creek and looked like she was struggling. The boys sprung into action.


“She fell in the water and she looked like she was drowning. So one of the boys pulled her out of the water and the other one assisted,” Police Chief Stephen Carlisle. Once the four-year-old was saved, one of the boys ran for help to surrounding neighbors.

One neighbor, Ricky Duke, was approached by a young boy on a bike asking him to call 911. He was brought back to where the girl was being cared for by one of the boys, where a crowd had already begun to form.


“We wrapped her up in some jackets that we had and I just kind of held on to her and hugged her and told her everything’s going to be fine, that we were going to take care of her until we could find her parents,” says one of the bystanders, Lucia McCreight.


Police then arrived on scene and made sure she didn’t have any injuries. Once it was determined she was medically cleared, the local police blasted her photo on social media in the hopes of finding the parents of Melodi.

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Her mother noticed the images and went to retrieve her daughter at a local Texas hospital. In a statement released to Eyewitness News, the mother, Maddox said,”We’re always trying to stay on top of her. He’s a really good dad. He’s always making sure she’s ok.”


Charges are not suspected to be brought against the parents currently, according to ABC 13. The two boys that saved her were praised by the local police, “The two 12-year-old boys who saved this girl are heroes in the eyes of RFPD. Thank you for your quick action.”