Two Armed Home Invaders in Surgical Masks Burst Into Suburban Home. Homeowner Opens Fire [VIDEO]

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Even in the middle of an active pandemic, crime doesn’t take a break. In fact, it appears two would-be home invaders from Chicago, Illinois sought to take advantage of the situation by being able to walk around in masks in broad daylight without arising any suspension.

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According to reports, Bradley Finnan, 38, and Larry Brodacz, 58, approached the home wearing surgical masks, caps and jackets to conceal their identity. The pair even used the Ring doorbell camera to get someone to come to the door, unworried about the video feed in their disguises.

When the homeowner, Sebastian Maniscalco, 50, came to the door, the pair pushed said “Hey, how you doing boss?” before pushing their way into the home. The pair drew guns and Brodacz chased Maniscalco’s wife and children upstairs and threw them onto the floor at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, the homeowner, Maniscalco, managed to force the younger home invader, Finnan, out of the house and onto the ground. After Maniscalco tried to restrain him, Finnan managed to get away and ran from the scene.

After that altercation, Maniscalco made his way to a bedroom, located his wife’s 9mm handgun and opened fire on Brodacz. At this time, the police were arriving, having been called by the homeowner’s 14 year old son, and were met by a bloodied Maniscalco who was running down the stairs and said he had shot one of the suspects.

Police found Brodacz deceased in the second floor of the home.

Finnan was caught at his mother’s home the next morning. Under Illinois law, he will face homicide charges for the death of his partner because he was killed during the commission of a violent felony of which Finnan was a part of.

In a weird twist, it appears that the duo did not target the house at random. Brodacz and Finnan worked together at a car dealership previously. Brodacz told Finnan a story about leaving boxes of cash containing over $200,000 hidden in this particular house years ago. He said he believed they were still there and obtaining the cash was the pair’s apparent mission.

In a Facebook post Maniscalco said:

This is an open case therefore I will limit any description of the horror, terror and fear my family had to endure that day and all that continues.

There are no words to be found to appropriately define the ongoing aftermath of this event for our family. We are doing our best and praying each following day will bring better than the last.

It is so incredibly important we acknowledge and thank all of the Arlington Heights law enforcement, Detectives, Special teams, SWAT, Paramedics, Fire department, Forensics and at the front of this case, the lead detective and her unwavering, above and beyond non stop effort to bring justice to our family.

We may have experienced the incredible evil in the world but because of all of you, you made sure we can still see there is Good.