Twitter User Trolls Hillary Clinton in Regards to Gun Sales.

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A Twitter user is gaining internet fame today after a snarky response to a Hillary Clinton tweet went viral.

In the build up to her Democrat town hall, the former First Lady tweeted:

It’s absolutely unacceptable that the gun industry can’t be held accountable when they endanger Americans. #DemTownHall

Twitter user Miranda Wells struck back with this tweet for the ages:

Of course, the comment, which has now been liked thousands of times, is referencing the infamous ATF operation dubbed Project Gunrunner or Operation Fast and Furious, in which the ATF allowed thousands of guns to be smuggled into Mexico with the hopes of tracking them to drug cartels.

The reference to Hillary’s non-secure e-mail server used to bypass federal security standards for the sake of “convenience” sent the message viral immediately. That it makes the point about how ludicrous Hillary’s statements about the gun industry are only makes it better.

I don’t know if they make enough aloe to heal that burn.