Twitter Just Revealed Why President Trump’s Official Twitter Account Was Temporarily Deleted Last Night

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Donald Trump’s Twitter account disappeared Thursday night. Those looking for tweets from @realdonaldtrump were met with an error screen that said the account didn’t exist. The deletion of the President’s preferred means of mass communication was an unexpected shock, until Twitter provided their official explanation.

Sorry, that page doesn’t exist.

The account was only down for 11 minutes before it was restored. Twitter’s initial explanation was met with some skepticism. It simply didn’t seem possible that the deletion of the account was an innocent mistake.

And it wasn’t Though the employee hasn’t been named, it seems this was quite intentional.

There were hopes that this move was official. Many, and not judge members of the antagonistic media who regularly denigrate the President’s casual use of the platform, have called for an higher standard of professionalism from the POTUS.

The president’s personal account was abruptly taken offline for 11 minutes Thursday. Twitter says a customer support employee deactivated the account.

Others had fun with the moment.

The President, though, seemed to take it in stride.

And by Friday morning, he’d returned to business as usual.

There was some anger over the issue, too. How is it that one employee has the control needed to take down the President’s, or anyone’s, account? Or, perhaps more consequentially, what if the hack had been more nefarious? Could Twitter be used to start a war?

In the end, the incident seems more like a prank, though the message, politically speaking, is clear.