Twitter Goes Crazy After Congressman Criticizes Ramp For Ducks as Government Waste

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North Carolina Rep. Mark Walker unleashed the scorn of Twitter users after using the social media site to express his discontent with the “government waste” associated with the Capitol Reflecting Pool duck ramps. The ramps help ducklings make it over the limestone borders around the pool, giving them access into and out of the water.

It began with a simple tweet from the representative that said, “If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it must be government waste,” and featured a picture of one of the duck ramps.

Twitter users quickly jumped in to question Walker’s position, using a combination of humor and duckling gifs to drive their points home.

Others took a more straightforward approach regarding the intent of the duck ramps.

Even more Twitter users compared the cost of the ramp to other activities that are supported by American tax dollars.

One Twitter user even supplied proof that the duck ramps are in use, a point backed up by a video released by the Architect of the Capitol, the group responsible for maintaining the reflecting pool that also installed the ramps.

While the addition of the ramps may not lead to profits, it appears most people agree it is money well spent.

h/t A Plus