TV Reporter Interrupts Broadcast to Rescue Dog From Floodwaters [VIDEO]

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Hurricanes are often slow rolling disasters. As such, reporters are often on scene reporting as news is unfolding. This can, at times, position them as first responders. That’s what happened during Hurricane Florence when one local news reporter interrupted her live broadcast to step in and help rescue an injured dog.

“Julie Wilson, an anchor for ABC affiliate WTVD, was broadcasting on Facebook Live on Friday from New Bern, North Carolina when she aided in the Rottweiler’s rescue from a flooded home,” The Daily Mail writes.

“Do you think that is safe,” Wilson asked a woman who was struggling with the dog.

The woman, who gave her name as Tasha, seemed determined to stay with the dog. “It’s my daughter’s therapy dog. I have no choice,” she said.

When Tasha dropped the big dog, it turned and began trying to get back home. Wilson then went after it, and grabbed the dog by the collar. But that wasn’t enough in the floodwaters. Tasha then took Wilson’s phone and Wilson picked up the Rottweiler.

“You are OK baby girl,” Wilson told the dog. “Nobody is leaving the dog in this mess. That’s what we are doing out here.”

One they were on more stable ground, Tasha and the dog were able to move on their own. Tasha’s son, though, was still behind with another dog.

“They are trying to get out folks. They are doing their best,” Wilson said.

The rescue was unfolding in New Bern, North Carolina. On the northern edge of the storm, the small town had been inundated with floodwaters. Despite an evacuation order, many residents stayed. Now many of them are stranded.

“In New Bern, swift-water rescue teams had saved more than 360 people […] by mid-afternoon Friday, and another 140 were still waiting for help,” DM adds.