Trump’s Statement About American Killed in London Terror Attack Shows His True Colors

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Today we know a lot about yesterday’s terror attack that took place on Westminster Bridge, near Parliament, in London, that left five people, including the attacker, dead.

We know the suspect in the case was a 29 year old British born man named Khalid Masood. He first mowed down numerous people with a vehicle before stabbing a police officer to death.

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Among those who were injured and killed on the bridge were vacationing American citizens Kurt and Melissa Cochran.

The Cochrans were in London on the last day of a trip across Europe to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and were set to head home the next day.

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The couple were the first people struck by Masood on the bridge. Melissa was badly injured and an image of her laying on the ground, in a pool of blood, being comforted by a passerby has gone viral.

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Kurt was not as lucky and was thrown off the bridge onto a walkway below. He died at the scene. Mr. Cochran was honored by President Trump earlier today who called the man, “a great American”.

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The message from Trump, posted on his Twitter account, has been liked and retweeted tens of thousands of times in a matter of hours.

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‘Our family is heartbroken to learn of the death of our son-in-law, Kurt W. Cochran, who was a victim of Wednesday’s terrorist attack in London. Kurt was a good man and a loving husband to our daughter and sister Melissa.

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‘They were in Europe to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and were scheduled to return to the United States on Thursday,’ Mrs. Cochran’s parents said in a released statement.

In total, four people were killed and another 29 injured, many seriously, during the attack.