Trump Puts Politics Aside for Epic Halloween Party at the White House

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Holidays at the White House are national celebrations. The staff went all out for Halloween Monday. While those inside the White House were doing their best to stem put out the political fires resulting from Mueller’s indictment of former Trump associates, the mood outside was suitably festive.

Kids from local schools were invited, as were some children of military families in the area.

The president was passing out homemade cookies (a clear violation of Halloween safety standards) and something that has been labeled “Presidential M&Ms.”

There was a breif moment of panic as the President and First Lady were attacked by a velociraptor.

This reveler dressed as a mass grave.

Here, President Trump is inspecting the teeth of a small blue dragon.

The lights and cob webs made for a nice effect from inside the White House, too.

Those trick-or-treating seemed to have a good time.

The news of the day didn’t seem to phase the First Family.

These two dressed in life-like Donald and Melania costumes.

The pumpkins had been carved with the faces of former presidents.

As night fell, the giant spiders emerged.

Some of Trump’s oldest and most loyal supporters showed to bask in the Halloween glow.

There was a minor dust-up when someone stabbed Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin in the head, but the rest of the party was a blast.