Anti-Trump Protesters Put Patient’s Life in Danger After They Block Ambulance. Then Cops Show Up [VIDEO]

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One person has been arrested in Connecticut over the weekend due to protests over President Trump’s executive order restricting travel from several countries.

Protesters ended up blocking an ambulance which was carrying a critical patient to an area hospital. The stoppage may have affected the care the person received as medical professionals ended up performing a medical procedure normally performed in the hospital, in the back of the ambulance.

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According to a report by WTIC:

They said that around 100-200 protesters blocked the highway and, following a request for assistance from the New Haven Police Department, state police said they went to the area with riot gear and pepper spray.

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State police said the protesters were in the process of being cleared from the highway, but not before they blocked an ambulance carrying a critically ill patient. Due to this delay, EMTs had to perform an emergency medical procedure in the ambulance, instead of at the hospital.

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The protests were being led by Norman Clement, 67. As the organizer and leader of the event, police held him personally responsible and arrested him on charges of inciting a riot, disorderly conduct, interfering with an officer and reckless use of the highway by a pedestrian according to the WTIC report.

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Clement’s attorney claim the protesters would have allowed emergency vehicles through the roadblock if notified, however, they say police never told them about the situation and used it as a pretense for breaking up the protest, which organizers describe as “peaceful”.

According to another report by the New Haven Independent:

“Clement ran from law enforcement personnel through the crowd, knocking over several of his supporters, before being apprehended. Clement actively resisted arrest and was sprayed with capstun,” the police report stated. They charged him with inciting a riot, disorderly conduct, interfering with police, and reckless use of the highway by a pedestrian.

Clement could not be reached for comment. Lugo, who witnessed the events, said Clement was trying to avoid the pepper spray. “Norman tried to run. Then he got pushed to the ground” by several officers, Lugo said.

The protesters claim it was a woman in labor who was in the ambulance.

In addition to blocking an emergency vehicle, simply being in and blocking the use of a street is a crime. State Police want to remind all citizens that violations of any crime can and will result in arrests.