Trump Personally Sends FedEx Employee and Single Father $10k Check. “You Are a Great Guy”

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Last month, just before his inauguration, President Donald Trump met Shane Bouvet.

Bouvet was a volunteer worker on Trump’s presidential campaign, a FedEx worker, a single father, and has a father who is battling cancer.

Despite his other obligations, Bouvet found a way to work in substantial volunteer hours for Trump’s campaign in the hope that Trump’s policy would benefit his area of the country.

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After hearing Bouvet’s story, the then President-Elect invited him to his inauguration. A friend bought Bouvet a suit for the event. Trump personally meet with Bouvet and also personally called his father, Don. According to a report from NewsMax:

“Hey, Don, you have a great name,” Trump said to the father, then added, “You have a good boy.”

After signing an autograph for Bouvet’s 4-year-old son, the president asked if he was still together with the boy’s mother. When Bouvet said that he was not, Trump said, “That happens.”

Following the meeting, Trump allegedly hugged the man and told him he wanted to help him out and reward him for his work on the campaign in the form of a $10,000 payment.

According to a follow up report by Fox 32 Chicago, that check actually arrived this week along with a personalized note:

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“Shane – you are a great guy – thanks for all of your help,” wrote Trump in a note included, penned on presidential stationery.

Bouvet plans to use the money toward chemotherapy for his father, who is suffering from bladder cancer.

So far, Bouvet says that Trump has been impressive with his fast-paced agenda during his first week in office.

“He’s getting things done,” said Bouvet. “He’s laying down the law. I’m really blessed with that – that’s what we need. Most politicians are all talk, no action.”

Bouvet is the second FedEx worker to make headlines in regards to politics in recent days. Just last weekend, a FedEx driver in Iowa, Matt Uhrin, got into an altercation with a group of protesters who were attempting to illegally burn the American flag (they did not have the proper burn permits).

Uhrin managed to grab one of the flags being burned and save it from destruction. The incident, which was heavily photographed and video taped, quickly went viral after being posted to social media as you can see below:

Many thought FedEx would surely let Uhrin go, however the courier stood by their employee and released the following statement:

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