Trump PAC Asks Supporters to Help Choose Space Force Logo

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As more details emerge regarding President Donald Trump’s Space Force, including during the announcement made by Vice President Mike Pence last week, The Trump Make American Great Again Committee reached out to supporters for assistance with selecting a logo. Six designs were sent out via email, the majority of which resemble traditional mission patches.

The email was signed by Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, Brad Parscale, according to a report by TIME. It included images of the logos and a quick message.

“President Trump wants a SPACE FORCE,” the email read, “a ground breaking endeavor for the future of American and the final frontier.”

“As a way to celebrate President Trump’s huge announcement,” Parscale’s message continued, “our campaign will be selling a new line of gear. But first we have to make a final decision on the design we will use to commemorate President Trump’s new Space Force — and he wants YOU to have a say.”

Every logo features the phrase “Space Force,” and one even includes the message “Mars Awaits.”

Recipients of the email were encouraged to “vote for your favorite logo,” providing them with an opportunity to add their input into the selection process.

The email also promised supporters that Space Force “gear” would soon be available, suggesting that fans of the new military branch may be able to purchase swag in the near future.

Once news of the logo vote hit social media, users were quick to add their own designs into the mix, with many of them mocking the existing logos or poking fun at the concept.

Even Trump made appearances in many of the logos, though the results were hardly intended to be flattering.

Trump initially announced plans for creating the new military branch in June, which he dubbed Space Force. It would be the first addition to the military branches since the Air Force was established in 1947, with the intention of Space Force becoming an equal among the existing five branches.

According to Pence, the goal is to have Space Force operational by 2020. However, the new branch still must be approved by Congress before that can become a reality.