Trump Just Appointed Another Marine Corps General to Key Position

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White House officials are expected to make the announcement that retired Marine Corps general and acting Deputy Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, Randolph D. Alles, is tapped to lead the Secret Service.


The news comes with Alles becoming the first head of Secret Service in over a century who wasn’t already in the program. Alles, who retired as a major general in 2011, has moved through several top positions within the government.

Currently, Alles acts as Deputy Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, a position which includes an air and marine operations unit. The last director of the service, Joseph P. Clancy, stepped down to allow Trump to pick his successor.


Alles will be leaving his Customs and Border Protection position and will now be overseeing more than 1,200 agents, according to Military Times. As of now, being head of the Secret Service doesn’t require Senate confirmation, but there has been an increased demand for this type of vetting for government officials after recent scandals.


Alles, whose nickname is Tex, will have quite the workload on his hands. The New York Times acquired government surveys that suggested the morale within the ranks is at an “all-time low.” Alles would also be looking to solve the high attrition rate that has plagued the Secret Service for the past year.


The move to bring an “outsider” in to lead the department has been something that higher ranking officers have been asking for. Alles will be expected to handle the infamous incident of a man jumping the White House fence and running throughout the esteemed building for 17 munites before being arrested. We’re pretty sure something like that won’t happen again under Alles’ watch.


Alles has an impressive history of motivating and bringing morale up through his 35 years in the Marine Corp. During the Iraq War, Alles was a pilot and instructor at the U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School before assuming a host of aviation-related leadership roles.


It’s apparent that Trump is trusting former high-ranking military servicemen to help him with Making America Great Again. Previous picks, such as General Mattis, have panned out nicely. The same will probably happen with Alles.