Trump Grants Dying Man’s Wish After a Plea From His Democrat Sister [VIDEO]

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President Trump receives a lot of flack from the media on a constant basis. It seems like every time you turn on the TV there is some issue with the administration. But there is another side to the president that the few get to see. He showed this side to the country this week after he granted a dying man’s wish to speak to him.

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Jay Barrett received the news from his doctor that everyone dreads — you’re terminally ill. Barrett, who has cystic fibrosis, wanted to be able to talk to the president, and his wish was granted Tuesday night.

The touching moment was recorded by his sister Bridgette Hoskie, the person who made the whole thing possible, with the assistance of a few good Samaritans. You see, after Barrett was diagnosed, he created a “bucket list” of things he would like to do/accomplish before his time here is done.

One of the top things on his list was to visit the nation’s capital and meet the president. “He said to me how cool would it be to visit DC and the President be there on the lawn waving,” Hoskie explained to CNN. “I just wanted to make that happen. I wanted him to have a moment to say, ‘Wow that just happened.”

Hoskie began reaching out to anyone she felt might have access to the White House. She sent a message via the White House’s public email address but wasn’t confident her response would even be read.

She then transitioned over to social media where she made an intentionally vague Facebook post, asking for anyone who would like to help her fulfill one of her brother’s last requests.

Well, low and behold, the post went viral. Hundreds of people were eager to help Trump and Barrett speak to each other. “Everyone honestly has been amazing. Democrat, Republicans, you know, they have all reached out and were just, like, ‘What can we do?’”

Hoskie, who is a staunch Democrat, said, “People who know that I’m a Democrat said, ‘Oh, you know, we’re not a [Trump] supporter, but we’re going to support you and your brother.’ It’s just really humbling to think that complete strangers would do that.”

Numerous news outlets ran her story which must have caught the attention of the White House as she received a call from a 202 area code shortly thereafter. Barrett wasn’t with Hoskie when she got the call so she told them she would call them back when she got home.

Hoskie came rushing through the door and said: “Jay, it’s the White House. The president’s going to talk to you.” Starstruck, Barrett says “Holy Christ” as he begins to hear the president’s voice.

“Hi, Jay, you look handsome to me. I just saw a picture of you,” Trump is heard saying. Barrett replied by saying: “Aw, you’re giving me kind honors,” Barrett replied. “I look like s—.”

The two spoke for two to three minutes. Towards the end of the conversation, Barrett tells President Trump how much he supports him and how he plans to make it to one of his rallies sometime in the near future.

After he hung up the phone, Barrett was still in awe of what took place. “That was pretty crazy,” he said to the camera. “Did I just talk to the president of the United States on the phone?”

Yes, Barrett, you did.