Trump Calls Out CNN Reporter on Live TV During Press Conference – “YOU ARE FAKE NEWS!” [VIDEO]

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During his first press conference in over 100 days, President-Elect Donald Trump covered a variety of topics including recent allegations by an unsubstantiated intelligence report that Russia is effectively blackmailing the President-Elect and allegations that were financial and sexual in nature.

The news was originally published by the blog Buzzfeed. CNN published a shorter, two page summary of the allegations.


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For these, reasons Donald Trump called out the two news organizations during the his press conference. Trump repeatedly referred to both organizations as “fake news” and called BuzzFeed a “failing pile of garbage.”

During the press conference, CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent, Jim Acosta tried to ask President-Elect Trump a question essentially saying since Trump had attacked CNN as “fake news” he should allow them to rebut and ask a question.

However, Trump shut him down and refused to allow Acosta to answer a question. When Acosta persisted, Trump looked at him and declared, “You are fake news!”

Acosta responded and said that comment was inappropriate. When Acosta continued to try and gain the President-Elect’s attention, Trump told him to stop being rude.

Following this exchange, Acosta published the following tweet saying that his question was ultimately asked by another reporter:


Donald Trump published the following series of tweets on his extremely popular Twitter account when the news was first published and his comments on Twitter were the subject of several questions at the press conference:


Trump then denied the claims himself:


Trump then blamed the story on political opponents attempting to derail the start of his administration:


Then Trump published the tweet that garnered the most questions at the press conference and proved to be the most controversial:


Here is the video of Trump refusing to take CNN’s Jim Acosta’s question and berating his network as fake news: