Woman Sentenced to Serious Prison Time For Stolen Valor [VIDEO]

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A transgender woman who was posing as a male U.S. Army Lieutenant in a Baltimore Airport last year has been sentenced to up to 20 years in prison for a litany of related and unrelated charges stemming from Oregon to Nevada.


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Kelsie Hoover underwent gender reassignment surgery a few years back and was going by the name “Michael Cipriani” and pretending he was in the Army. A Nevada judge didn’t take kindly to the behavior and proceeded to throw the book at Hoover for the maximum sentence of 20 years for several charges, including a rarely enforced charge of Stolen Valor.

The CEO of Guardian of Valor, Anthony Anderson, spoke to American Military News. “I’m glad that people are starting to take Guardian of Valor seriously. This is big for us.” he said.


Hoover claimed that she used her brother’s military ID. However, after further investigation, Cipriani was Hoover’s male name she was going to call herself after her surgery was a “success.” Cipriani was proven to be a false identity all along.


Hoover was also fired from her job at a high school after it was revealed it was her on the video below. The deception was more disgraceful after it was revealed she allegedly used a wheelchair for the “wounds she suffered in combat.”


Hoover also allegedly falsified military records that showed she received a Purple Heart, which she used to get Purple Heart veteran’s license plates. She even claimed to have earned the nation’s highest military honor, The Medal of Honor.

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Hoover tried to blame a nonexistent heroin addiction as the cause of her actions, but prosecutors didn’t let that fly and prosecuted her to the full extent of the law.

According to a report from News 4 On Your Side:

A transgender woman accused in a case of stolen valor has been sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.

The defendant, Kelsie Hoover, was accused of posing as a member of the military and using several aliases. Judge Patrick Flanagan sentenced her Thursday to 9-20 years in prison on five different counts, which include fraud, burglary and stolen valor, with the sentences to be served consecutively.

Hoover is eligible for parole after seven years. Here is the video that led to the downfall of Hoover:

Guardian of Valor protects what the United States military uniform stands for by insuring that only those who served wear it.