Tourist Accurately Guessed Safe Code That Was Locked For 40 Years [VIDEO]

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Vermilion Heritage Museum had tried everything they could think of to crack a locked safe that was found in the basement when the building was bought. They hired blacksmiths, and had former employees who could have known the code come back and try to open it. They even contacted the manufacturer but to no avail.

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Eventually, the museum located in Alberta, Canada, gave up trying to open it. As a fun thing for tourists, they allowed them to try and crack the safe’s code. No one had any luck trying to crack the code, and for years the safe sat unopen — until Stephen Mills came in.

Mills was on a camping trip with his family when they came across the small museum and decided to go in, Fox News reported. “We wanted to check out what the community has to offer,” said Mills. “The museum was actually closed on the day we were there, but we managed to track down one of the volunteers, Tom Kibblewhite, who opened it for us and showed us around.”

The family was given the tour, ending at the locked safe where the backstory was shared. According to CNN, the building was previously a hotel that opened in the early 1900s before closing its doors around 1970.

Not thinking too much about it, Mills put his ear to the safe and acted like he was about to crack the code. To the amazement of all in the room, he did just that. His code opened the safe!

Mills spoke to the BBC the day after the safe was opened to explain how he chose the combination 20-40-60 to open the safe.

“Typical combination lock, three times clockwise – 20 – two times counterclockwise – 40 – once clockwise – 60, tried the handle and it went,” he said.

Sadly, though, anyone hoping to find some expensive jewelry or gold bars in the safe were left disappointed as there were only a few sheets of paper.

Mills explained that he saw “some papers, old checks, a waitress’ notepad, and a receipt from the hotel, that’s it.” On the bright side though, the safe is finally opened.