TIME 2017 Person of the Year is All Women and Men Who Broke Their Silence on Sexual Harassment

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TIME magazine announced that their 2017 Person of the Year is “The Silence Breakers,” what the publication refers to as “the individuals who set off a national reckoning over the prevalence of sexual harassment.” The cover image featured former Uber engineer Susan Fowler, actress Ashley Judd, Adama Iwu, Isabel Pascual, and singer/songwriter Taylor Swift.

“The galvanizing actions of the women on our cover… along with those of hundreds of others, and of many men as well, have unleashed one of the highest-velocity shifts in our culture since the 1960s,” said Edward Felsenthal, TIME’s editor-in-chief, in a statement.

The recent movement largely began after The New York Times published an article where several women accused Harvey Weinstein, a film executive and producer, of sexual assault and harassment.

After the stories release, other women began coming forward, including against other powerful men ranging from media personalities to actors to politicians.

It also spawned the #MeToo campaign, giving others a platform to discuss their experiences.

Other widely recognizable names on TIME’s list of “Silence Breakers” includes Rose McGowan and Terry Crews, though the names of many of those recognized may not be overly familiar to the public.

“I started talking about Harvey [Weinstein] the minute it happened,” said Judd during an interview with TIME. “Literally, I exited that hotel room at the Peninsula Hotel in 1997 and came straight downstairs to the lobby, where my dad was waiting for me, because he happened to be in Los Angeles from Kentucky, visiting me on the set.”

Judd continued, “And he could tell by my face – to use his words – that something devastating had happened to me. I told him. I told everyone.”

Tarana Burke, the woman credited with starting the recent #MeToo campaign, expressed her appreciation on Twitter, saying, “Thank you EVERYONE!! Especially all of you who rang the alarm when you thought I wasn’t being acknowledged. I couldn’t say anything!! I’m sorry. But I felt every bit of the low. Now the work REALLY begins.”

“The Silence Breakers” were recognized over other people and grounds who were identified as part of TIME’s shortlist on Monday.

The finalists included President Donald Trump (who was selected in 2016), North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Robert Mueller, Jeff Bezos, the “Dreamers,” and Colin Kaepernick.

h/t Huffington Post