Three Boys Let Black Widow Spider Bite Them in Attempt to Gain Super Powers

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It’s one of the most well known origin stories in all of super hero fandom, Peter Parker, after being bitten by a radioactive spider, obtains a variety of super powers that allow him to fight crime.

Spider bites in the real world are often very different affairs. At best, a bite from a spider can be unpleasant, itchy and painful. At worst, it can be fatal.

Three young boys learned the hard way not to believe everything you read in comics and to not mess with mother nature.

According to a report by Telemundo:

The spider was a black widow and the boys decided to “experiment” to see if the sting gives magical powers, so the older one was bitten “by stimulating it with a stick”, then the other and finally the younger one helped by the other two, according to the story of the head of Epidemiology.

The first symptoms appeared within a few minutes and the mother was scared to see them cry, so they were taken to a Chayanta health center, but when they did not improve with the medicines they were given, they were transferred to a hospital in the small town of Llallagua, where they saw that their situation was complicated.

The next day they were taken to the Children’s Hospital in La Paz, with muscular pain, sweating, fever and general tremors, Pietro explained, and after applying a serum against bites, they improved until they were discharged on the 20th.