Three Armed Teens Attempt Brazen Daylight Burglary but the Homeowner is Armed, too.

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Here’s another case of a law abiding citizen exercising his right to armed self defense. In what seems to have been a daring daylight break-in, three armed teens kicked in the front door of a suburban house. They had their guns drawn, like they were expecting trouble. And they found it. What happens next shows that the teens were anything but prepared.

The incident occurred in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, on February 12. The suburb of Tulsa is usually quiet. Break-ins are not uncommon, though, and it seems some of the residents are prepared.

The video below caught the chaos. One teen can be seen delivering a flying kick to the front door. He quickly moves aside as the two others, guns drawn, step up.

One of them cocks his pistol dramatically. Together, they push toward the front door.

The homeowner was inside, though. Though he wishes to remain anonymous, he told reporters that he’d seen the three men standing in his driveway, and saw that they had guns. At that point, he felt he was a target and got his own gun.

The three teens did get the front door open, but only briefly. The sight of the homeowner and his gun sent them running. Most of them. One fell face first onto the concrete in his attempt to escape and was scrambling to get away.

Cash McDonald, a neighbor, told reporters: “I was just inside listening to my Will Smith CD. Neighbors came out and said they heard gunshots.”

The shot fired by the homeowner struck the truck parked in a driveway. It is unclear where the teens fled to. Police are still hunting for them. This is a close knit community, though, and the assailants were not wearing masks.

Their identity will be discovered, inevitably. Meanwhile, the homeowner is trying to figure out why he was targeted. He feels the teens might have thought he had money, but their motives are still a mystery.