This Woman Stole a Taxi – Then Drove Around Picking Up Passengers Until Police Pulled Her Over

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A 65-year-old woman reportedly stole a taxi after catching a ride around midnight on Thursday. Betty Thomas asked to be driven to SugarHouse Casino and requested the driver stop at a gas station along the way. She then got into a dispute with the cab driver regarding the fare, jumped into the driver’s seat of the vehicle and drove away.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Thomas caught the cab and then asked the driver to stop at a gas station on the route so she could get some water.

The taxi driver was seen on surveillance video at the gas station assisting Thomas, who walks with a limp, first to the ATM and then inside the convenience store portion of the establishment

In total, the pair spent around 90 minutes at the gas station located at Broad Street and Hunting Park Avenue, located in the Hunting Park neighborhood in Philadelphia. It is not known why the stop took so long.

After exiting the convenience store, Thomas is seen arguing with the cab driver, even pounding on the hood of the vehicle. She eventually jumps into the driver’s seat and takes off with the cab.

Just 30 minutes after the theft took place, police officers spotted the vehicle outside of the 25th District Headquarters building. When they pull the car over, a young mother and her infant child were in the backseat. They had hailed the cab and Thomas, for unknown reasons, picked up the fare.

Scott Small, the Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector, stated, “It’s a pretty unusual job to steal a cab and then start picking up passengers like you’re a cab driver.”

He went on to say, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before, it’s definitely a bizarre story.”

The mother who hailed the cab told police officers she was unaware the vehicle was stolen.

Thomas has since been charged with theft-unlawful taking, theft-receiving stolen property, theft of services, terroristic threats, and unauthorized use of an automobile.