This Texan Saw a Drunk Driver. He Followed Him Until He Crashed and Performed a Citizen’s Arrest

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Video was captured of a man making a citizen’s arrest after following a suspected drunk driver who was weaving dangerously while traveling down the road. Alejandro Fernandez was traveling with his family when he spotted a man in a white Ford Mustang “driving like crazy, probably under the influence,” and decided to take action.

As reported by the Daily Mail, one of the passengers in the vehicle with Fernandez began recording the encounter after they saw the Mustang driving erratically down the street in the River Oaks area of Houston, Texas.

The Mustang had significant damage to the passenger front side and repeatedly crossed over the lane lines, hitting the brakes for no apparent reason.

One of the passengers is heard saying, “Dad, stay back, dad!” The comment is followed by another voice, presumed to be Fernandez, stating that the Mustang, “might hit somebody that is coming towards him on the other side.”

The passengers continue commenting on the Mustang driver’s action, noting its high rate of speed and the fact that the vehicle repeated strays into oncoming traffic.

Eventually, the driver of the Mustang pulled into a parking lot, and Fernandez followed the vehicle until it came to a stop.

At that point, Fernandez exited his car and confronts the driver, telling him to “stop it” when the Mustang driver attempts to leave the area in his vehicle.

Another man joins Fernandez, the pair manages to open the driver’s side door of the Mustang and remove the driver, who was later identified as Sirkon Ash, from the vehicle. The two men then performed a citizen’s arrest.

Fernandez restrained Ash until Houston police offers arrive on the scene.

Fernandez stated, “Many people have criticized how I acted, telling me that I shouldn’t have got involved, that the guy could have ran me over and killed me, but at that point, I only thought of doing something before someone got hurt.”

Part of Fernandez’s motivation was based on memories of what happened to “two really good friends.” One of his friends crashed his car and died after driving drunk while another was on a bicycle when he was struck and killed by a drunk driver.

“I’m glad we stopped him,” said Fernandez. “I’m really glad because I didn’t want any kids of anybody to get hurt.”

A breathalyzer test performed by Houston police did show that Ash was under the influence. He has been charged with a felony driving while intoxicated, marking the third time Ash has been charged with a DWI.