This Super Bowl Commercial About First Responders is Absolutely Amazing.

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Anthony Lynn, head coach of the LA Chargers, has a deep respect for first responders. In 2005, he was hit by a drunk driver. The accident was horrific, and he would not have survived had it not been for the heroic efforts of many of the police officers and paramedics who arrived on the scene. Now Lynn is helping to repay their kindness.

A commercial aired during the 2019 Superbowl. You can watch it below. And it you don’t want the spoilers, watch it here before reading on.

Here’s the spoiler. Lynn knew he was headed to a firehouse to talk to first responders on behalf of Verizon. The company is running a fundraiser to benefit the Gary Sinese Foundation’s First Responder Outreach program. What Coach Lynn didn’t know was that he would meet the first responders who had saved his live 14 years ago.

“I can’t even explain the emotion that went through my body” Lynn said after. “I was emotionally ambushed.”

“The ad featuring Lynn was filmed in December,” USA Today notes. They spoke with Lynn after the filming.

“It was an emotional reunion,” Lynn said. “I had tears, and they were fighting tears. We were hugging and they were shocked to find out I was coach of the Los Angeles Chargers now.”

Lynn was walking when he was struck by the drunk driver. He flew some 50 feet and hit a parked Volkswagen. That car was totaled. It was a horrendous impact.

“We assumed that was the car that hit him,” Skyla Bosco, a paramedic who treated Lynn at the scene said. “Little did we know that was the car he landed on.”

“We thought he was going to die or be paralyzed,” she added.

Lynn’s lungs had collapsed. He had broken bones in his face, and had broken ribs. Though he did survive, he underwent numerous surgeries. As is often the case with incidents like this, he had no memory of the impact or its aftermath.

In fact, he hadn’t ever heard some of the details. Not until he spoke with the people who saved his life.

“They told me I couldn’t breathe, I was choking on my own blood,” Lynn said. “They had pipes down my throat. They’re the ones who got me stabilized until the cavalry got there.”

“I am not an emotional person but that almost got me crying,” Bosco said. “It was awesome. Here’s this guy who no one who was there thought would live or walk again and he became this really famous person.”

“Just to meet the people — my angels who saved me — is unbelievable,” Lynn said. “I’ve always wondered who they were. I always knew I was blessed to be here. And now I know my angels.”

The commercial with Coach Lynn is just one of a series. They’re all running now as part of a fundraiser for first responders. You can learn more about the fundraising effort here.

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