This Snake Learned The Hard Way Why It Should Leave Porcupines Alone

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We’ve all had days we’d rather forget and this particular snake had one recently. A cringe-worthy video has emerged of a boa constrictor in Brazil that attacked a porcupine, but ended up coming off a whole lot worse than the prickly mammal it had wrapped itself around.

snake 1

The boa constrictor clearly intended to eat the porcupine, not expecting the critter to defend itself with its quills and leaving the snake writhing in sheer agony, with literally hundreds of sharp little spikes protruding from the snake’s body. For over a minute the snake can be seen thrashing about on the ground in pain.

snake 2

Boa Constrictors are found in North, Central and South America with some islands of the Caribbean also playing host to them. The diet of the boa constrictor mainly consists of rodents, but larger lizards and mammals as big as ocelots have been witnessed as being a meal for these terrifying reptiles. A younger boa constrictor will generally eat small mice, birds, bats, lizards, and amphibians, however, the size of the prey increases as they get older and larger.

snake 3

It’s not unreasonable for a boa constrictor to attempt to eat something as large as a porcupine, it was just their method of attack that got this particular one in trouble. The snake will first strike at the prey and grab it with its teeth. Then it begins to squeeze its victim until its death as a result of shutting off the blood-flow to the heart and brain. A good approach with some animals, but not a Brazilian porcupine.

snake 4

A boa constrictor swallows its prey whole and it usually takes around four to six days for it to digest its meal. Due to its slow metabolism, the snake may not eat again for at least a week and up to several months. That probably explains why this particular one was desperate enough to try and eat a porcupine in the first place.

snake 5

Needless to say, if this particular snake survives this attack and is ready to eat again, it will probably think its next meal through a little more carefully. Watch the aftermath of the snake’s attack here.