This Sheriff’s Deputy Was Shot 8 Times Last Night. Her Post This Morning is Amazing.

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Cpl. Kimber Gist fought with a suspect for 13 minutes and was shot eight times while attempting to make an arrest in North Charleston, SC.

Gist was attempted to make an arrest around 12:25am on Friday. She made a radio call that she was involved in a physical altercation with the suspect and then radio contact was lost. Gist would physically fight the suspect and get shot eight times before help arrived.

According to the local media reports:

The deputy arrested the suspect at 12:38 a.m. and shortly thereafter, the deputy called out that she was in a fight with the suspect. Radio contact was lost with the deputy. The scuffle resulted in the deputy being shot and units responded to the scene. Prior to the shooting, the second person had already been detained in the back of the deputy’s patrol car. SLED agents interviewed and released that person and says they were not involved in the incident.

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office says the deputy was wearing body armor when she was shot multiple times. Chief Deputy Cochran told News 2 that the deputy was struggling with the suspect approximately 13 minutes after the call was made. He also confirmed that there were rounds discharged from the deputy’s gun.

Despite the struggle, Gist survived and her condition is already improving after surgery. According to the Facebook page, Humanizing the Badge, Gist made a Facebook post shortly after surgery that reads:

I’m alive. I fought. I made it. ‪#‎sheepdog

The post has been liked and shared tens of thousands of times in less than 18 hours.

The suspect shot and killed himself before responding deputies could take him into custody.