This Punk Rock Turtle That Breathes Through its Genitals is Now Endangered. Here’s Why.

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Don’t mess with this turtle. He looks like the type of reptile who might have performed a long, slow set at CBGB’s in 1978 with the Sex Pistols. This punk rocker is so hardcore that it breathes through its genitals. Don’t let its name fool you, the Mary River turtle is one of a kind. And it may be the last of its kind. The Mary Turtle and its reptile rebellion are disappearing.

“In another instance of humans ruining this planet,” Riot Fest writes, “the Mary River turtle—able to breath through its cloaca and totally punk as f***—is now on the endangered species list.”

The Mary River turtle is found only on the Mary River in Queensland, Australia. It can stay under water for nearly three days, thanks to a gill-like organ in its cloaca. The same organ is used for defecation and for mating.

In a genuine act of rebellion, this turtle stays celibate until it is 25 years old. They have to live a solid life before they ever feel the biological imperative to procreate. As such, their numbers are in sharp decline.

Why are they going extinct, Riot Fest asks? “Because of you. That’s right, you. These kick** turtles were taken from the wild by the thousands because a***** humans wanted to keep them as pets. Now along with pollution and all the other things humans have done to this planet, the Mary River Turtle is in danger of becoming extinct.”

Rikki Gumbs, a reptile biologist at Zoological Society London, told CNN that the exotic pet trade made these odd looking turtles popular pets.



“The turtle takes a long time to reach sexual maturity, taking up to 25 to 30 years,” Gumbs said. “As their vulnerability was discovered late, we lost a whole generation due to the pet trade and now their population has become very small.”

H/T to Chris Van Wyk. The Austrailian’s images just may help save the punk reptiles.