This POV Wildfire Escape Video Looks Like a Scene from a Horror Film [HD VIDEO]

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A YouTuber names mulletFive grabbed his camera and filmed his terrifying escape from the Valley Springs fire.

Valley Fire has already destroyed more than 50,000 acres and the terrain on both sides of the vehicle is engulfed in flames.


Many commenters on the video say mulletFive waited way too long to leave his home, putting himself in extreme danger.

He responded and explained: “We are the last house at the very back of the Springs, down in a gulch. There was no smoke or ash coming our way, and there were no sirens or air support nearby, so we honestly didn’t know how close it was.”

What the video shows is a scene right out of the Silent Hill video game series or an apocalyptic movie, especially when he drives under the sign for his subdivision, Anderson Springs.