This Old Guy Pulled Off the Greatest Photobomb of All Time! [VIDEO]

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While shooting some provocative photos while wearing a bikini, one model was incidentally upstaged by a passerby. As the scantily-clad woman strikes various poses, a man strolls up behind her, wearing only a Speedo-style swimsuit and a massive smile. He seems to be unaware of the photo shoot in progress, and the model doesn’t acknowledge the man in the frame.

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A video from the beach photo shoot was shared on Twitter on Saturday, according to a report by the Daily Mail. The model is doing a variety of poses while the camera rolls, trying to work her best angles.

Then, an elderly man walks into the frame, blissfully unaware of the photo shoot and creating an amusing spectacle.

While the model continues to do her job, the man in the background manages to steal the spotlight.

Many social media users praised the man, who was wearing a very skimpy swimsuit himself. One person labeled the incident as “the greatest photobomb of all time.”

Another social media commenter stated, “Look at his face! Proud as punch.”

“Superb!” said another. “He’s magnificent.”

Not everyone on social media keyed into the photobomb, asking others what they were supposed to be seeing.

“Sorry what photobomb – did I miss it?” asked one. Another chimed in, writing: “Watched this numerous times and still can’t see it.”

The video has been viewed over 19.6 million times thus far.

It isn’t clear from the video where the photo shoot was taking place.