This Navy SEAL Says He Knows What Really Happened Between Chris Kyle and Jesse Ventura

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What exactly happened between legendary SEAL sniper Chris Kyle and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura in a San Diego bar several years ago has been a point of contention in the courts and pop culture since before Chris Kyle’s death.

Now, one man has come forward to offer a bit more information on the situation.


IJR spoke with fellow Navy SEAL sniper Charlie Melton, who is a legend in his own right, to get his recollection of what happened in the SEAL bar that night. Did Kyle knockout Ventura? The point has been argued by several people who have claimed to at the bar or heard about it second hand.

However, Melton gave a very similar recollection of what Kyle said in his book, an incident that Ventura said never happened and hurt his reputation in the SEAL community.


According to the IJR interview:

“We were at a SEAL bar in San Diego called McP’s, and we were having a wake for one of our guys that just died, I believe it was Michael Monsoor. We were doing his wake after the funeral there.

And Jesse Ventura was in there…I was at the other end of the bar, but he said something kind of derogatory toward us losing guys or whatever and Chris did knock him out. Then we all left and went to Danny’s, which is another bar down the street.”


When IJR asked Melton if Ventura “went down,” he responded in the affirmative.


“Personal opinion, Jesse Ventura has probably lost his mind a little bit,” Melton added in the interview as a possible explanation for Ventura’s recent actions.


Melton is currently a business owner in Texas. Charlie Mike Precision is a long-range rifle training and pistol instruction operation that gives customers the opportunity to work with those trained by a Navy SEAL legend.

Ventura is currently out of appeal options on his defamation case so it looks like this final open chapter of Kyle’s life can be closed.

Chris Kyle is one of the most accomplished Navy SEAL snipers of all time. His life is documented in his memoirs, American Sniper. The book was later made into a major motion picture starring Bradley Cooper.

An account in American Sniper, describing Kyle punching and knocking out former SEAL and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, was the basis for the massive lawsuit brought by Ventura. Following Kyle’s death, Ventura continued the lawsuit against Kyle’s estate.

Kyle was killed, on February 2, 2013, along with his friend, Chad Littlefield, 35. Both were shot and killed by Eddie Ray Routh, a Marine who Kyle was trying to help by taking him to the shooting range.