This Mysterious Man Behind Oscar Screw Up Was Tweeting About Emma Stone Instead of Doing his Job

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The Oscars debacle Sunday night captured the headlines Monday morning. And the story of how La-La Land was mistakenly awarded the Best Picture Oscar keeps getting more interesting. Now it seems like the man who was responsible for the epic mistake was actually tweeting out behind-the-scenes snapshots instead of doing his job.

03022017 b2

Critics of the mistake claim that this whole scenario was orchestrated to bring even more publicity to Moonlight, the actual Best Picture winner. While it certainly worked, the conspiracy theory isn’t receiving much serious attention after this series of photographs surfaced.

03022017 b6

Brian Cullinan of PricewaterhouseCoopers was the man responsible for passing the correct envelope to the announcers. And the images being put together now show that Cullinan was a bit preoccupied.

Some are even calling him star-struck. As he was supposed to be working, Cullinan was tweeting images of Best Actress Winner Emma Watson.

Cullinan then handed the wrong envelope to announcer Warren Beatty. Cullinan, thinking he’d handed off the right envelope, took another break to tweet the picture he’d just snapped of Stone.

In fact, many of the images of the night show Cullinan glued to his phone.

If he’s looking at his phone today, it is because he needs a job. Academy president Cheryl Boone Issacs fired Cullinan and his co-worker Martha Ruiz. They will no longer be tweeting behind-the-scenes.

03022017 b3

In this image of Cullinan’s hand are a two envelopes and his phone.

03022017 b5

In the photo above, Cullinan can be seen checking his notes for the show.

03022017 b12

But at 9:05, he tweeted out the image of Stone. “Best Actress Emma Stone backstage!” he tweeted.

03022017 b9

He’d passed the card to Beatty at 9:03. At 9:05, Beatty was opening the card. The wrong card.

03022017 b8

Beatty stalled a moment when he realized there had been a mistake, but Faye Dunaway took the card from his hand and read what she thought was the winner. That was near the 9:07 mark.

03022017 b4

By 9:10, Cullinan was back on stage trying to clean up his mess.

03022017 b1

But the damage was done. So long, Cullinan.