This Miami Cop Is Really Thankful for His Body Cam After a Stripper Pulls This

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A Miami Date Metro police officer says he has never been more thankful for his body camera after pulling over a stripper in one of the strangest police encounters we’ve seen.


[scroll down for video]

Margaret Garcia, 26, was pulled over for speeding. But when the officer asked for her license and registration, the video shows her gathering up money before handing him hundreds of dollars in cash with her ID on top.

‘Ma’am, that’s money,’ the officer can be heard telling her.

Garcia, who is partially clothed, replied, ‘I know,’ and the officer asked her why she was giving him money.

‘You don’t owe me any money. I asked for your license and registration,’ he can be heard telling her.


Garcia, who is listed as an entertainer in the police report, replied, ‘You want to check my registration? I’m going home,’ as she impatiently holds the money for the officer to take, along with her driver’s license.

The police officer is then heard asking if she has been drinking, which draws an exasperated no from the dancer. That’s when the officer noticed marijuana strewn throughout the vehicle.


‘Alright, right now you’re getting arrested for the weed, I pulled you over because you were speeding,’ the officer clearly states.

‘I don’t care,’ she replies in a frustrated tone

“And you reek of alcohol, you have an open container in your passenger side, and do you have any questions for me?”


The male officer can be heard speaking to another cop next to him about the situation.

“I don’t even know, bro. I’ve never come across that much spilled weed. It was just everywhere,” he can be heard saying to the fellow cop.

“And we found the bag … She stuffed it between the seat.”

“That’s personal use. What,” Garcia yells. “I smoke weed. What. What. I don’t give a f—.”


A female officer arrives to do a pat down, politely adjusting Garcia’s dress to cover her bra at the end, before the abbreviated video cuts to their arrival at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, where she exits the officers car.

“You seen too much money on me huh?” she can be heard asking.

When the officer replies that she shouldn’t have bribed him she says, “That’s the whoring cost, when you suck too much d***.”

The officer carefully counts the the money and tells the other officer it’s $2,000 in cash, while Garcia screams in the background that he needs to recount it.

The last thing he can be heard saying, just before the video ends is, “I’ve never been so glad for these cameras in my life.”